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Frequently Asked Questions - Heat Presses

Below are the regularly asked questions regarding heat pressses - Simply click on the question to see the answer. However, if you still aren't able to find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between a domestic iron and a heat press?

The three main requirements to successfully apply a transfer are exact temperature, time and pressure. A heat press can be calibrated to these requirements and maximise your efficiency, whereas you will not be able to peform anything accurately with a domestic iron.

Which is the right heat press for me?

We offer an excellent range of heat presses that cater for all uses. As we are in full association with Stahls, we are able to offer top of the range presses that won't let you down. Your heat press will need to accurately record (i) Time, (ii) Pressure and (iii) Temperature. All three elements are necessary for a permanent application. Don't buy a press unless it (a) has a minimum of one year warranty and (b) it is fully CE approved. Check that the suppliers carry spare parts and can carry out any servicing necessary.

Which heat presses have inter-changeable lower platens?

All of the heat presses that we stock have interchangeable lower platens (with the exception of the cap presses). For more details, go to the heat presses area of the web site.

What is the difference between “Digital”, “Digital Mag” and “Swinger” heat presses?

The most obvious difference is that the “Digital” and “Digital Mag” presses are clam presses and open vertically, meaning they require less space and are lighter in weight. The “Swinger” presses swing open to the left or right and leave a completely “heat-free” working area. They will require approximately three feet square of counter space, as opposed to the two feet square that the clam presses will require.

The “Swinger” is the best-selling style for the serious heat press user, operating in bulk orders through the year. The Clam presses are more generally used for lower quantities, but you will see no difference in end result if you follow the application instructions given on either machine.The difference between the “Digital” and “Digital Mag” presses is the fact that the “Mag” version features the patented Magnetic Auto Open and Assisted Lock Down function. This makes the press easier to operate, and can reduce the physical demand on the user, especially if dealing in large volumes, or even if operating two machines at once.

How can I check to see if my press is working properly?

There are several small tests that you can do to check that the different faculties of your press are all in order. We have available a Health Check Pack which features a number of items, such as temperature strips and platen test paper to ensure that you are getting the most out of your press. For more details, simply contact us.

What pneumatic presses are available, and what do I need to run one?

Via Target Transfers, we are in full association with Stahls. As a result of this, we are able to offer the market leading Hotronix Swingers. These are pneumatic presses and they will require an air compressor. We offer two different virtually silent Whisper compressors. Details of all of these products are available in the heat presses area of the web site.

Can I cover up the rubber mat on the lower platen to prevent it wearing?

Not only can you, but it is something that we would recommend. All you need is a Quick Slip Protector that is available from the accessories section of our web site. They come in all the sizes you could need and start from £26.50 excluding VAT.

I already own a press - Will it work with your material?

The only requirements that our materials and transfers require are Heat and Pressure. We guarantee that they will work on any Heat Press on the market, provided you follow the instructions given and that the heat press is functioning correctly.

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