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Frequently Asked Questions - Transfer Application

Below are the regularly asked questions regarding transfer application - Simply click on the question to see the answer. However, if you still aren't able to find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

How can I improve my application results?

Although our instructions are as accurate as they can be, every single garment/fabric is different. That is why you are always advised to do a test yourself and work out how you can best apply your transfers. We also strongly advise that you use Teflon pillows (where appropriate) and finishing aids to make sure that you are getting the best results out of every fuse. If you are having problems, we offer a health check pack to test your press and make sure that your equipment is not causing you problems.

I am having application problems - Is it the material?

It is highly unlikely to be the material. There are many different variables that can cause problems when applying transfers, such as pressure, temperature, time, etc. Once you have eliminated all other potential problems, we will be more than happy to check the material for any defects.

Can you apply the transfers for me?

We have an extremely experienced Q.C. and Application Department who are on hand to provide a first class service no matter what quantity you are after. For more details feel free to contact us.

The design is not applying to the material as I had expected – What am I doing wrong?

We thoroughly recommend that no matter what design/material you are applying, it is always best to test. The instructions given are a guideline, and it is always advisable that you work yourself on getting the temperature and pressure right for the garment you are applying to. Subtle changes to the way that you apply can make all the difference. We also strongly recommend using appropriate accessories to get the best finish.

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