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Heat Seal Transfer Presses

The Stahls’ Hotronix® range of heat seal transfer presses is synonymous with reliability, accuracy and ultimate ease of use. Innovative features such as more heating elements per square centimetre; patented Magnetic “Auto Open” and “Assist Lock” functions; digital pressure controls; all make heat sealing problems obsolete. Hotronix® - the name to look for if you demand superior heat press performance.

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Stahls? Clam Basic Heat Presses

Stahls® Clam Basic Heat Presses

Ideal machine for beginners or as a back-up machine. Available in 3 different sizes:



MAXX Heat Presses

Hotronix® MAXX Heat Presses

Both economical and portable, these heat seal presses are also equipped with the industry’s best warranty:




Sprint Auto-Open Heat Presses

Hotronix® Auto Open Heat Presses

The Sprint® MAG Digital's innovative design includes an auto opening/release system with a magnetic lock-down feature:




Hotronix? Swinger & Draw Heat Presses

Hotronix® Swinger & Draw Heat Presses

These computer-controlled, heavy-duty draw & swinger heat presses are the ideal solution for high-production capacity:





Hotronix? Cap Presses

Hotronix® Cap Heat Presses

Our range of presses are designed with a curved platen, specifically for caps, hats and other headwear:






To find out details on the wide range of accessories, such as finishing aids, please visit the Heat Press Accessories section of our web site.

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